PlexZymes™ (formerly known as MNAzymes) are catalytic DNA complexes which assemble in the presence of target and cleave universal probes. The bi-specificity of the PlexZyme™ activity minimises the chance of false positive signals, and the use of universal probes allow for robust and consistent reaction performance.

PlexZyme™ is made up of two DNA oligonucleotide components called partial enzymes or “partzymes”. Each partzyme comprises only part of a catalytic core flanked by a sensor arm which binds to a target sequence, and a substrate arm which binds to a universal probe.
Partzymes are inherently inactive; however, when bound adjacently on a target, they form active PlexZyme™.
PlexZymes™ catalyse the cleavage of universal probes, resulting in fluorescence signal that can be monitored in real time.